Các thiết bị khác

Các thiết bị khác

   Thiết bị truy xuất dữ liệu    


Main functions                                                     

· Initialize doors.                                                

· Collect audit trail.                                                

· Update locks (door profile & internal clock).                    

· Door diagnostic.                                                 

· Emergency opening.                                                

· Firmware update


Technical data

· Power supplied: 3 alkaline batteries - LR03 - AAA 1,5V.

· Connection to lock: cable included.

· PC connection: USB.


  Thiết bị phát hành thẻ 


Technical data

·  ID technologies available: i-Button, DESfire, DESfire EV1, Mifare, Mifare plus, Vicinity, Inside Picopass, Legic, HID iClass.

·  Current required: 12 v/ 500mA (adaptor included).

·  Connection to the PC: USB or Ethernet/Wifi.

· USB encoder do not usually require an external adaptor.           



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