Thiết Bị Tiết Kiệm Điện

Thiết Bị Tiết Kiệm Điện

  • Energy Saving Device ( ESD )


Main features and benefits

· 2 different finishes for different room styles.

· Available with 1 or 2 relay outputs.

· Window detector input. If window is left open, the system will switch

   off the air conditioning.

· Flexible exit time delay by software.

· Modern Blue LED indicator which indicates the location of the

device in the dark, and blinks as a courtesy indicator after retrieving

the card when leaving the room.

· Available in i-Button and RFID(Mifare, DESfire, Vicinity).

· On-line version available in RFID models.



Technical data

· Input voltage: 220 Volts AC + -15%.                                       

· Consumption: 1watt in rest mode, 1,5watts when activated.                   

· Relay power cut: 2A, 220 Volts.                                          

·  Max. section for power and relays contacts connector: Stranded wire

section: 12 AWG (2,5mm2). Strip length: 4-5mm.

·  Max. section for windows detector connector: Stranded wire section:

16 AWG (0,5mm2). Strip length: 4-5mm. 




Connected version

·  Real time ESD monitorization through the software.                      

·  Real time ESD audit trailing. The list of users that have activated        

   the ESD is automatically downloaded into the PC.                           

·  Connected by bus RS485. Last ESD of the series must be connected

 to a SALTO ON LINE control Unit (CU50EN or CU50ENSVN).

 ·  Max. Number of ESD connected per IP door controller: 40.

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